Saving Bees

The Future

Plan Bees enables us to protect bee populations in the UK. Starting where the Industrial Revolution began, Manchester, we will launch the Bee Revolution:

We are re-planting traditional hedgerows into rural areas for improved habitat. By offering hanging baskets, planters and plants which flower at different times of year we are also able to help provide for bees in cities and urbanised areas. It is important to us to promote awareness of the importance of bee populations and the devastating impacts on environment and food crops which will occur if they are not protected. With this is mind the introduction and management of more bee hives in towns, cities and rural areas is one of our key goals.

How to protect the bees

Bee’s need 3 main things to thrive:

​FOOD – They get their food by foraging from flowers rich in nectar and pollen. Different bee species are active throughout different parts of the year so it is important to have a variety of plants which flower in each season. They also have different lengths of tongues, which they use for feeding, so a variety of shapes of flowers is equally important.

NO PESTICIDES – It is important not to use pesticides in your garden, wherever possible. The damage they do to natural insect and animal life should not be underestimated. Furthermore, you can encourage the reduction of commercial use of pesticides by buying Organic produce and pushing the change.

SHELTER – You can help provide shelter for bees by adding an insect house into your garden, sometimes known as a bee hotel. Providing larger bushes and traditional hedgerows also act as natural habitat. Also try letting your lawn (or parts of your lawn) grow wild to provide shelter and wildflowers.

Bee flowering plants by season:


Shrubs and Trees – Pussy Willow
Shrubs and Trees – Apple or Crabapple
Flowers – Lungwort
Flowers – Crocus
Herbs – Marjoram
Fruit & Veg – Kale
Wildflowers – Cowslip
Wildflowers – Comfrey


Shrubs and Trees – Lavender
Shrubs and Trees – Hawthorne
Flowers – Monarda
Flowers – Phacelia
Herbs – Chives
Fruit & Veg – Strawberry
Wildflowers – Vipers Bugloss
Wildflowers – Wood Forget-me-not


Shrubs and Trees – Abelia
Shrubs and Trees – Honeysuckle
Flowers – Sedum
Flowers – Perrenial Wallflower
Herbs – Sage
Fruit & Veg – Runner/Broad beans
Wildflowers – White Deadnettle
Wildflowers – Yarrow


Shrubs and Trees – Mahonia
Shrubs and Trees – Ivy
Flowers – Winter aconite
Flowers – Snowdrop
Herbs – Rosemary
Fruit & Veg – Rasberry
Wildflowers – Lesser celandine
Wildflowers – Field speedwella

Saving bees

Bee sculpture