20,000 Sterling Silver bees with dedications on a 12ft sculpture.

Bestowed to the people of Manchester for public display.

Protecting and strengthening bee populations in the UK.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship Packages available £125/bee

All bees are Hallmarked, numbered and Certificated.

25 bees = Silver Sponsorship
Be assoiciated with the sculpture on all press releases and events.

50 bees = Gold Sponsorship
+ Sponsors name will be featured on the base of the sculpture

500 Bees = Sapphire Sponsorship
+ 2ft mini Silver Bee sculpture

1000 Bees = Diamond Sponsorship
+ Company name in front of the sculpture ie “The —– Silver Bee Sculpture”

Framed bees available for Platinum and above

Platinum and above will also be given the chance to display the full sculpture for an agreed period of time before it is bestowed to the people of Manchester *subject to insurances and security.